Agricultural production

An intensive farming model

RMG contributes to the economic growth of the commercial agricultural sector as an employer and producer of rice and cereal seeds.

GADCO Farm, Ghana

GADCO (Global Agri-Development Company Ghana Limited) is a rice production and processing company that started operations in 2011 and 2013, respectively. In 2015, the company was acquired by RMG Concept Limited, becoming a subsidiary of the group.

The project land is located at Fievie, in the Volta region of Ghana, and belongs to the Fievie community, which has a lease and profit-sharing agreement with GADCO.

In addition, GADCO, with the Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP), supports smallholder farmers in the Fievie community by offering them the appropriate means to grow rice and providing them with a market to sell their produce.

BABATOR Farm, Ghana

Babator Farming Company Limited (BFC) was established in 2015 by AgDevCo Ghana Ltd to develop the first phase of a large-scale irrigated agricultural project called Babator Irrigated Farming Hub (BIFH).

It aims to boost family farming in northern Ghana by leveraging the expertise, supply chains and market access of the world’s leading commercial agricultural companies.

In October 2016, the company became a subsidiary of RMG Concept Limited. BFC has developed a commercial farm located in Babator in the Bole District (North Region) and cultivates cereals (maize, sorghum and seeds) and onions using swing and sprinkler irrigation systems.