Distribution / Trading

Active Proximity Trading Policy



Meeting the needs of all farmers, especially smallholder farmers, is a key element of RMG Group’s strategy in tropical Africa. This implies an active proximity policy through the setting up of a vast distribution network by our subsidiaries.


RMG relies on a network of 52 stores labeled “RMG Shop” located in different countries.


Our shops are designed to be a focal point at the service of the farmer who finds the entire range of agricultural products (phytosanitary and biological specialties, seeds, fertilizers, bio-stimulants, irrigation equipments, sprays, atomizers, PPE, etc.) and personalized technical advice provided by an experienced and dynamic team of multidisciplinary engineers and technicians.


Our storage capacity of 40,000 M² allows us to respond immediately to market demands.



The RMG Group is present in both; international markets with annual exports of around 5,000T of cotton and in national markets with its own trademarks.

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