Our industrial motivation : Quality


RMG Côte d’Ivoire SA is the only company in the sub-region with modern industrial incinerators, that conforms to international standards, to the disposal of specific waste.

Recycling and disposing obsolete products and empty packaging is a key step of the certification process towards the protection of the environment.

The incinerator burns organic and combustible substances at high temperatures whiles reducing the weight and volume. The aim will be to make the land sterile and suitable for landfilling, in accordance with the environmental laws and regulations.

The waste combustion takes place in two phases:

  1.  The waste is heated at 850 ° C without air supply and is fractionated into gaseous and solid compounds (dry distillation).
  2. Combustion gases from solid waste burned in the pyrolytic chamber are mixed with air and burned at temperatures of 1000 ° C to 1200 ° C.

The sterile smokes are discharged through a stack at a temperature of 300 ° C and a flow rate of 1400 m3/H for the HOVAL furnace and those of the furnace type HP 1000-12H1S are purified by a series of procedures (washing of smoke).

Ongoing investments to increase capacity to 8-10T per day.

Composition and conditioning of phytosanitary products

With a capacity of 4 million litres per year, this unit is a marketing tool of RMG in the service of farmers that allows us to quickly meet the market demands in general, and those of smallholder farmers in particular.

The unit is also at the service of the industry and offers custom composition and repackaging for third parties (toll-manufacturing).

Seed reconditioning unit

The growth of agricultural production requires the introduction of new seed technologies: hybrids.

Hybrids provide a significant improvement in terms of strength, yield, disease resistance and early maturity in a market currently dominated by OP varieties.

To rapidly meet the needs of this emerging market, RMG decides to invest in its industrial site in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, in a vegetable and cereal seeds reconditioning unit. This unit will be unparalleled in West and Central Africa.

Designed in partnership with world leaders of the sector, this unit will meet the cold chain management international standards (between 14 and 17 degrees) and hygrometry (30 to 40%).

The seeds are imported in bulk, reconditioned in bags and boxes, and then distributed through our various subsidiaries.